Ann Chery Women's Faja Clasica Animal Print Workout Waist Cincher Review

Ann Chery Women’s Faja Clasica Animal Print Workout Waist Cincher Review

Many celebrity women often flaunt a waist cincher and it is not only an accessory that makes a woman’s figure look like an hour glass but it has certain beneficial attributes as well.

The women who wear them can flaunt the perfect body shape that is the hour glass figure defined by small waist, curvy hips and a large bust. Indeed, women who wish to have the 36-24-36 figure do a lot to achieve this.

And it definitely helps to have a compressive accessory that would not only act as an undergarment but help to keep the waist shape and burn fat as well.

Many companies sell waist cinchers not only as undergarments, but as workout gear. They claim that it helps to compress the core, step up the fat burning process as well as release toxins from the system. Many celebrities endorse brands that sell waist cinchers or certain designer cincher undergarments as well.

Many celebrity women with coveted figures such as Jessica Alba, Brooke Burke, Kim Kardashian and others state that they use such products which have helped them to maintain their toned abs and core.

Many women wear the garments for about ten hours or more, mostly during the day as well as during the night as well. The products are made of a comfortable fabric that ensure that the skin breathes freely and sweat or perspiration does not accumulate.


If you look at the Ann Chery Women’s Faja Clasica Animal Print Workout Waist Cincher, the smart design and workout gear, cum cincher has several features to offer:

  • It is made of cotton, elastane and latex
  • The cincher has a higher rise design that offers great coverage for the bust area
  • The front and back cover ensure adequate support to the muscles and tissues as well as ensuring smooth compression
  • There is an inner layer made of soft cotton that is combined with an outer layer of stretchable latex fabric
  • Eye and hook closure as per your size


There are several benefits you get when you opt for this waist cincher:

  • Attractive animal print design
  • Garment acts as a waist cincher as well as an undergarment
  • A great way to supplement your fat burning regime
  • Keep the unsightly sagging muscles and tissues tightened and strengthen your core
  • Wear your favorite clothes with that perfect waist underneath
  • Keep your metabolism rate up and the fat burning process on day and night
  • Made of stretchable and comfortable fabric blend to keep your body temperature optimal


  • Some complain of too tight a fit
  • If the size is incorrect, one might have a problem putting it on
  • Some complain of difficulty in bending
  • The snug fit might make it uncomfortable to wear during hot and humid weather conditions

The cons are more about choosing the right size. If you have not followed the sizing guide right and chosen a size that is too small or too tight, you might find it uncomfortable to wear or to keep it on for long.


This waist cincher is not only a sexy undergarment that gets you a desirable figure in minutes, but also helps to supplement your fat burning and toning workout regime. It can be worn as a workout accessory as well since it will help to keep the core muscles firm and step up the metabolism and fat burning rate easily.

The band is easy to place around your midsection and it helps to compress the core. This helps to ramp up thermal activity which in turn leads to perspiration and water loss. As excess water loss from your body leads to weight loss, this surely aids any workout or diet regime you might be on.

At the same time it helps to get your body the desired shape you want to look good clothes which are body hugging. One can wear their favorite body hugging clothing and love the way the clothes look at them. The band is designed to sit around the waist area and extends to the upper abdominal region.

There are two hook and eye closure columns that allow you to size the garment as you find comfortable. The Felix boning design holds the cincher in place. This workout band cum waist cincher becomes a handy accessory or undergarment for any active lady.


You could compare this product with the SexyWG waist trainer which is sold as a tummy slimmer and shapewear product. Priced lower than Ann Cherry waist cincher, you will get a basic design that is best worn as a basic undergarment.

The product’s material and composition need to be ascertained from the manufacturer as well as knowing certain terms such as colors and sizes in which this accessory comes in and whether it can be returned and exchanged. Another product that one can compare it with is the Yianna latex waist training corset that comes with a zip and hook closure design.

This design is distinct from the hook and eye closure of the Ann Chery product. It would be best that one checks the design details to ensure that it would be a waist training corset that would give them a snug fit.

It is a product that comes with a cheaper price, but one should ensure that they can return or exchange the product as well as be sure that the product design would work for them.


The Ann Chery Women’s Faja Clasica Animal Print Workout Waist Cincher is one product that guarantees you great looks, comfort and an active shapewear that will work on your waist.

Known to be a favorite accessory for women to clinch their waist and bring down three inches, this product will ensure lasting comfort even if one wears it under outer clothing throughout the day.

The attractive animal print design and comfortable, stretchable fabric will help one to feel loose and comfortable and forget that the undergarment or workout gear is working on their core, helping to keep up the thermal activity in this region and burning the excess fat away.

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