How Long Do You Wear a Waist Cincher Each Day and For How Many Months

How Long Should I Wear a Waist Cincher?

Waist cinchers have recently started to gain popularity in terms of shaping the body into a perfect hourglass, mainly because of celebrities who use cinchers to maintain their figure. The most popular celebrity who publicizes her use of waist cinchers is Kim Kardashian.

Knowing how long to wear a waist cincher for each day and for how many months will help you achieve that envied hourglass shape fast and easy.

There are some people who may find waist cinchers ineffective when trimming their waistline, while others might find it too constricting. But it’s possible these people did not have enough information on how to start wearing a waist trainer and how to effectively use one.

Consider what your overall body goal is and what you want to achieve. Also, keep in mind that you cannot buy a waist trainer and wear it 24/7 beginning on day 1. You need to start wearing it for a short period of time and gradually increase the number of hours per day.

How Long Should You Wear a Waist Cincher During The First Week

Waist training or wearing a waist cincher is not simply wearing additional clothes underneath. It involves a change in one’s lifestyle including food and water intake, the way a person dresses, and an exercise routine.

When a person decides to wear waist cinchers, they are embracing the fact that they will wear it over an extended period of time or until they have achieved their ideal figure. They should also be ready for some challenges along the way, such as when it feels like nothing is happening or the results are slow to show.

The user should think of the first week wearing a waist trainer like a trial run. Assess if you are feeling comfortable wearing the cincher and for how long each day.

Try to stay as objective as possible during this first week and remember that it will take time to see the end result. Even when it seems like your progress is slow, keep pushing through to get to your end goal.

Before Day 1, the user should have chosen and bought a good quality yet affordable waist cincher. It is not ideal to buy an expensive corset for the trial stage in case you decide you do not want to continue waist training.

Make sure to break in the corset before actually using it. You should also be sure that it is in your correct size and you are comfortable in it.

Day 1

On Day 1, it is recommended that the user only wears the corset for about two hours. Since this is the first time she is actually wearing the waist cincher, she should understand that it could be a bit comfortable.

However, if there is pain or she is having difficulty breathing, adjustments should be made immediately. Once the perfect fit is achieved, she can continue wearing it until two to three hours.

On the first few days of waist training, the user should only wear it during the daytime, never while sleeping at night.

Day 2

On the second day, the user can wear the waist cincher continuously for up to four hours. During this stage, she could start feeling constricted since she is wearing it half of the day.

The user should find time to reflect and think objectively how she is feeling. If there is any pinching or piercing felt or if she is feeling nauseous or having a hard time breathing properly, the corset may be removed and adjusted again.

Should everything work well, the user can start doing light exercise and stretching with the waist cincher for about 15 minutes. This is especially important if she is planning to use the corset during workouts.

Day 3

At this stage, the user can do waist training for up to six hours. She can also start doing about 12 minutes of cardio with it. On Day 3, she should be feeling comfortable with her waist cincher already.

She should have already achieved the perfect fit and have already figured out how best to put it on and remove it.

Day 4

From Day 4, the user can start wearing the waist cincher for eight hours or more. She can also start doing light exercise with her corset on.

Since she is wearing the waist trainer the whole day now, she should be able to observe that she is discouraged to eat more than she should since she would feel uncomfortable when her stomach expands because of too much food.

Day 5

On Day 5, the user should continue using the waist trainer for nine hours or more. She should already be feeling comfortable with it at this stage. The corset could even feel like her second skin.

At this stage, she can do longer cardio workouts with her waist cincher. She should also observe if wearing it the whole day is causing any irritations on her skin.

Should this happen, she could opt to buy a different waist cincher made of other materials, or she could wear thin clothing before putting on the corset.

Day 6

From Day 6, the wearer should be noticing that the waist cincher is becoming loose. This is a sign that the waist training is working. Nevertheless, if the waist is not yet getting smaller, the user should continue wearing the corset for at least 10 hours a day to see more obvious results in several days.

Day 7

This is the moment of truth. This is the day when the user will decide if she will continue with the waist training and if it is for her or not.

She should go back to the first day and assess objectively if she has gotten used to how it feels and if she thinks it is affecting her positively.

Should the user decide to continue, she can wear a better quality and more expensive waist cincher. She should aim to use it for four to 10 hours a day to see significant results.


How long do you wear a waist cincher? There is no definitive answer to that question. Women have unique bodies. Though two people with the same waistline or same weight do the same kind of waist training, it is possible that they will not have the same results.

Genes play an important factor in losing, gaining, and maintaining weight. Nevertheless, with proper diet and exercise together with waist training, every woman has the potential to achieve the hourglass body they are dreaming of.

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