Waist Cincher Training Before and After Things You Need to Know

Waist Cincher Training Before and After Things You Need to Know

Looking at waist cincher training before and after photos are quite inspiring. Many daring women have tried and succeeded in modifying their waist girth to achieve that perfect hourglass figure. Who wouldn’t want to have that? Though the results are astounding, the process behind may not be for everyone.

Before impulsively purchasing a waist cincher trainer online, or any corset for that matter, you might want to read until the end of this post. Let’s take a look at how it was practiced centuries ago.

Origins of Corset Training

The French invented the corset, which was intended to give wearers a tapered waist and a more desirable silhouette. During the 1800’s, it was a trend that most women of stature followed. Men also believed that women with tapered waists are desirable.

In the 1960’s, the corset has found its way on the medical field and has been used to correct some posture and spinal problems. Fast forward to today, corsets are still prescribed to correct some minor orthopedic problems.


Corset has reached the present era as part of the modern fashion. Many of today’s fashionistas and couturiers’ works of art were inspired by corset’s shape and design.

It is also popular in the world of lingerie and underwear. Many undergarments plainly use the design and omit the mechanism to adjust its tightness since the shape of the corset alone enhances a good figure.

Modern Corset Training

Waist cincher training before and after pictures are widely available online and can be a source of inspiration. Just by looking at the pictures, you know that tapering your waist with a cincher is achievable. In fact, the method of training has evolved since the day of its inception.

The Controversy

Some few people who have brought waist training to the extreme levels gave it a bad reputation. Waist training has become controversial because of those people who took it way over the top that resulted in unnatural figures.

Waist training is relatively safe and does not pose an immediate harm to the body. The problem arises from wrong methods employed and not knowing when to stop. Now, if you have a goal in mind, we suggest you stick to them to avoid complications.

Waist Cincher Training Before and After Acclimation

Today, a particular process developed by Ann Grogan is one of the most effective methods that many women testified to. This is quite a great training style to start with, especially for beginners.

Ann Grogan formulated the roller coaster method to help individuals reach their goals effectively without causing harm to themselves. She understands that wearing a corset, a waist cincher, or any similar product can be uncomfortable at first. Please be warned that even with the employment of the most efficient method, waist training comes with some discomfort.

Now, the roller coaster method’s goal is to help you achieve a streamlined waistline without damaging your body or not make you forget to breathe so you won’t end up blue and dead! Kidding aside, this method gradually increases in tightness and prescribed duration to make sure that every practitioner gets acclimated comfortably to the next level.

Here’s an overview of how the roller coaster training method works.

  • Initial phase

The initial phase, as Ann recommends, involves going to an expert and having your measurements taken carefully because the wrong size of cincher will make the training difficult for you. Many waist cincher manufacturers offer a free consultation to help you come up with the right size, the right method, and the optimal length time you should train.

  • Wear for 2 hours

It is advised to start with smaller progressions to get you accustomed to the process. Ann Grogan advises starting with about 2 inches tighter than your waistline. For the first week, it is recommended that you wear your waist cincher for about two hours.

A tight-fitting garment naturally brings discomfort. Beginners should not exceed 2 hours of wearing it to avoid frustration. After a week, it’s time to climb the roller coaster ladder.

  • Wear for 4 hours

After getting yourself accustomed to the feeling of wearing your waist cincher, increase the duration to 4 hours a day. The additional 2 hours can bring a few more discomfort. Make sure you are wearing it right to maximize your comfort while using it.

Now, when you get the hang of it, move on to the next level.

  • Wear for 6 hours

For another week, it is advised that you wear it 2 hours longer than before. You may need to wear it at work if you don’t have enough time left after. You may hear a few compliments from people around you. Get used to it.

On to the next level.

  • Wear for 8 hours

Ann Grogan does not advise going beyond wearing your waist cincher for more than 8 hours. This is one of the reasons why many women suffer from the adverse effects of waist training. Wearing it day and night can warp the natural position of your internal organs and decrease the natural size of your thoracic cavity. Don’t go beyond what is natural and stick with the regimen!

  • Progressing to the next smaller size

After successfully wearing your waist cincher for 8hours in a week, it’s time to adjust for a tighter garment. This is where the famous roller coaster training method got its fame. After enduring the peak of 8 hours, Ann Grogan advises wearing the next smaller size for 2 hours. Yes, you will have to restart and follow the same progression using a now smaller waist cincher.

Ann Grogan has helped many women with this method. For over 25 years, this waist training process gave many women the hourglass figure they desire.

The Perfect Hour Glass Shape

The perfect shape we all yearn for is something we don’t get overnight. Waist cincher training before and after can give great results. However, it requires something from you. Discipline is one of the keys to achieving it without bringing harm to your body. Stick to your goal and don’t overdo it!

Don’t rush it and follow a safe regimen recommended by experts. Don’t compromise your safety! Little by little, you will achieve your goal.

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