How to Use a Waist Cincher

How to Use a Waist Cincher

Ladies who are after an hourglass shape will appreciate the workings of a waist cincher. Waist cinchers temporarily affect the user’s waistline, making it smaller and enhancing natural curves.

This type of shapewear has been around for centuries, and can stretch its history back to the corset which was conceived in France. However, early corsets were too uncomfortable to wear. Thankfully, because of modern design and technology, today’s waist cinchers, corsets and girdles are more comfortable.

How to Use a Waist Cincher Correctly

Cinchers are even used in workouts and can help you reach your fitness goals. If you have finally purchased your first waist cincher, this article will help you a lot. We will discuss how to use a waist cincher.

Perform core exercises for waist training

Women are recommended to do core strengthening exercises while wearing their cinchers. This will prevent the muscles in your abdominals from wasting away while you are wearing the item for several hours every day.

You can do side twists, leg lifts, planks and weighted crunches 3 times every week. One advantage of cinchers is that they are more comfortable to wear during a workout than corsets.

Wear the cincher properly

If you are wearing a latex cincher, you will notice that it does not have any laces on it, unlike a corset. It will come with 2 sets of snaps or hooks located on the front of the shapewear. These snaps often sit on your belly.

Begin at the broadest setting, which is the 1st set of hooks, then continue to the tighter ones as you get familiarized with the workings of the cincher. If you wear the cincher while working out, you can wear a thin top underneath it to prevent back acne.

Break it in correctly

If this is your first time wearing a cincher, make sure that you break the item in the proper way in order to get used to the feeling quickly. Do not tighten the cincher too much the first time. The item should fit you comfortably and neatly. After an hour of wearing the item, you can tighten it a bit more.

Get used to the cincher bit by bit

Get used to the item gradually—don’t hurry things. After wearing the item continually for 14 days, you can raise the wearing time from an hour and a half to 2 hours a day. Don’t try to wear the cincher for 8 hours a day immediately. Slow and steady is the key to waist training because you have to be comfortable while wearing the item. There’s no need to rush. If you’re using a latex waist cincher, you can wear it from 8-10 hours every day.

Pay attention to results

You will probably begin noticing results within a month of use. However, in some cases it can take a while longer. If you have a slim build, you may not be able to witness changes for up to twelve months of usage.

The effects will be based on the kind of lifestyle you have, and whether or not you have combined wearing the cincher with a wholesome diet and a regular fitness routine. It will also depend on how long you use the cincher every day.

Organize your wardrobe

Because you are going to incorporate the item into your everyday activities, you need to plan your wardrobe. The cincher will show up on your midsection so make sure to wear tops and bottoms that are made from thicker materials. Don’t wear anything sheer or thin for the meantime.

Make sure to clean and maintain your cincher

Make sure to give the cincher a rest. Hang it and allow the item to air out after wearing the cincher. The cincher will come with manufacturer care instructions so make sure to follow them. It is also wise that you own at least 2-3 cinchers so you can wash and clean each one after use.

Take off the cincher if you experience any numbing or pain

If you experience any pain or numbness around your stomach or limbs, you should take the cincher off. The same applies if you experience stomach conditions like heartburn or acid reflux.

Follow a wholesome, clean lifestyle

The last step on how to use a waist cincher is to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Make sure to improve your diet, have a regular fitness regimen and drink lots of water. Keep away from foods and drinks that can cause bloating.

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