Jenx Fitness Unisex Waist Trainer Review

Jenx Fitness Unisex Waist Trainer Review

Waist trainers can help you achieve an hourglass figure and attain a smaller waist. Lots of women use waist trainers to gain a trim figure with sexy curves. If you’re interested in getting a waist trainer, check out this review of the Jenx Fitness Unisex Waist Trainer.

Features of the Jenx Fitness Unisex Waist Trainer

  • 9-inch width
  • Made with 10 percent stretchy, comfortable and adjustable neoprene material with zero latex
  • Double-adjustment Velcro straps for better fit
  • Gives back support, corrects posture, flattens abdominals and helps strengthen core
  • Made in Canada
  • Must be washed by hand with gentle detergent and rinsed with cold water for maintenance
  • Backed by a 100 percent money-back guarantee


Women have been binding their waists and midsections for centuries to achieve a sexy, curvy look. However, back in the day, corsets and girdles were painful to wear. Modern waist trainers and trimmers are more comfortable to wear thanks new designs and technology. For instance, the Jenx Fitness Unisex Waist Trainer is a contemporary type of shapewear that will not put so much strain on your gut and back.

Many women like waist training because of the slimming effects it offers. As soon as you put the waist trainer on, you will see the results—a trimmer, thinner waist that will look good in form-fitting outfits. Like most waist trainers, this product is composed of a neoprene material that is secured around the waist. It produces the impression of a tinier waist while you’re wearing it.

Waist trainers are used for individuals suffering from spine and back trauma since their ability to compress the waist supports people with these conditions and improves posture, which helps recovery. Compression is a key part of physiotherapy, so wearing a waist trainer can help individuals suffering from poor posture, back pain and bad backs.

While it cannot help you lose pounds alone, wearing a waist trimmer will remind you to eat more wholesome and healthy foods and take part in daily fitness routines. A compressed waist will be more than enough to encourage you to eat better, avoid junk and go to the gym. The continuous pressure produced by this item serves as motivation to achieve your fitness goals.

This waist trainer from Jenx Fitness has lots of benefits and functions. For example, it can be used as a training device in order to help you with your posture. The item can be used 2 to 3 hours every day if you want to use it as a lumbar brace. The item can also be used to reduce fatigue and muscle pain on the spine and back.

If you are following a regular physical fitness regimen, the item can help complement it. It supports the lower back and helps the wearer maintain a better posture over the course of heavy-lifting routines. It is also a nice waist trainer to use while jogging, walking and for other sorts of physical activities.

This waist trainer is made from high-quality, 100 percent neoprene material that is free from latex. It is comfortable to wear and as long as you follow the instructions and find the size that you need, it will not bother you in your daily activities. The waist trainer is capable of fitting the waist and lower abdominals rather than the ribs, which is a huge advantage.

If you want a waist trimmer that is not made from latex, this is a great option.


This product does have a few drawbacks. While the waist trimmer does its job of compressing well and isn’t uncomfortable, it has a rubber smell which can unpleasant if you are sensitive to smells. It has a kind of chemical/rubbery smell to it which is off-putting at times.

Lastly, the elastic could be improved on and would be a lot better if was a bit thicker so it would not fold and crumple.


If you are on the hunt for a good waist trainer that does its job well, you should give the Jenx Fitness Unisex Waist Trainer a shot. It is made from authentic neoprene material so it’s a good choice for women with latex allergies. It is comfortable to wear and does a very good when it comes to compression without sacrificing comfort.

As long as you pick the right size and do not mind the strong rubber scent, this waist trainer is a good choice.

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