KissFit 6 Pcs Steel Boned Higher Compression Waist Trainer Cincher Review

KissFit 6 Pcs Steel Boned Higher Compression Waist Trainer Cincher Review

There is no easy way to lose unwanted weight, and it is even harder to achieve your desired body image especially when you are too tired from work and lacks motivation. Lots of companies are selling waist trainers and even known celebrities used certain waist trainers to monitor unwanted fats in their body.

Supporters of waist training claim it’s a proven and time-tested method of sculpting your body. Also, they consider it as a life hack to showcase hourglass figure that waist trainers and corset cinchers do work. Way back in the 1800s, women wore corsets to cinch their waists into their desired shape. It is that similar idea where waist training was based on. Women who use waist trainers will first wear a corset for a few hours per day. Then, gradually they’ll tighten it up to 18 hours a day – including at the gym.

Today, many brands of waist trainers are available whether in shopping malls and online shops and one of these is the KissFit 6 Pcs Steel Boned Higher Compression Waist Trainer Cincher Promotes Fat Burner for Hourglass Quick Weight Loss. This waist trainer will give you those curves in the right places that guaranteed your money well.


  • Sleeker look that is invisible even under clothing. This waist trainer is a must-have for it gives you those perfect curves like an hourglass. It is made of lightweight, thin, and breathable material that feels like as if you aren’t wearing one. It also looks good when worn with dresses or form-hugging top as well as jeans that are slim-cut.
  • Higher compression to attain hourglass figure easily. This waist trainer chose six pieces spiral steel bones and not four because study suggested that the former is the right fit for a woman‘s body curve. It also helps to reduce three to five inches of your waist measurement instantly while providing the most relaxing tummy tuck and back support.
  • Promotes weight loss effectively. KissFit Waist Trainer provides 360-degree comfortable and breathable control on waist and tummy. This serves as a controller of your appetite and helps you to easily attain your ideal weight. It is also super lightweight; very convenient to take at the gym or anywhere else for that matter.


  • Instant Hourglass figure: The reason why most numbers of women start with waist training is to instantly achieve the hourglass figure. A corset cinched in your waist emphasizes your bust line and hips’ curves.
  • Posture Improvement: Wearing corsets make women want to keep good posture while standing and sitting which eliminates back problems. Its steel boning is firm and prevents the body from slouching.
  • Confidence Boost: This more likely depends on the user’s character and personality, but coming from the proven statement of waist trainer supporters, they have gotten an immediate boost of confidence when they saw a change in their waistlines while wearing their corsets.
  • Fashion Statement: Waist trainer or cincher beneath your clothes may improve your slimmer look, but a lot of women just plainly like how corsets jive with their styles and outfits. Using corsets as outfit accessories makes waist training more bearable.
  • Weight Loss: Many users of waist trainer that used it during breakfast, lunch or dinner, will find it difficult to eat bigger servings of food. From this, you can shed weight by choosing to wear a corset for quite some time. However, waist trainers do not immediately melt fats in your body like magic; they just simply help you to limit your food intake when put on during a hearty meal.


  • The occurrence of acid reflux: Extreme compression of waist trainer may cause your esophagus, stomach, and intestines to form an intricate network in your abdomen. This also may hinder proper digestion and cause acid reflux. It is much better to not wear it too tightly special during mealtimes.
  • May cause shallow breathing: Tightened waist trainer or waist cincher may cause a restriction in the diaphragm and forces short, shallow breaths or costal breathing.
  • It can be addictive: Some women may become obsessed with the ever-shrinking waist and take waist training to unhealthy extremes, but this depends on how waist trainer deals her personality while using it.


  • A good choice, but needs to have limits. Using waist trainers is a good choice especially when you want to achieve your preferred body image. However, you still need to limit yourself from using it. You still need to exercise and have natural fitness goals for yourself, too.
  • Invisible under clothing. This waist trainer looks more like an actual garment due to its thin, lightweight and comfortable materials rather than other trainers which are not adjustable and visibly seen under clothing.
  • Can be uncomfortable when tightened too much. Wearing a waist trainer may be uncomfortable when you tightened it aggressively. It is much better to feel the material lifting and supporting the abdomen, and never pushing downward pressure to avoid shallow breathing.


Waist trainer is a magical way for its proven effect in providing instant hourglass figure and has been tested for years. It works like a miracle if you use it as an alternative supplement to your exercise routines. You don’t need to be intense in exercising, a simply 20-minute cardio and abdominal activity using waist trainer will result more effectively and positively.
On the other hand, even though there are lots of positive claims regarding its effectivity, there is no clinical scientific evidence backing up this claim. Clinical and scientific trials have never stated that wearing a corset can lead to long-term changes in the shape of your body. However, using a waist trainer can trick other people and yourself into thinking that you have indeed achieved a curvier look.

Waist trainers can be discretely worn; it may be under your clothes to flatten your belly and accentuate your boobs and bottom. Also, if you are committed and want to experience the instant hourglass figure look and its time-tested results for many years, then you should consider on trying and purchasing waist trainer to achieve your desired body image instantly. Just be sure to get the right size for your body and not to get carried away training as it may also cause you more harm than good.

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