ShapeOn 1001 Women’s Ultra-Thin Breathable Body Shaper Review

ShapeOn 1001 Women’s Ultra-Thin Breathable Body Shaper Review

Shapewear garments are helpful when it comes to achieving natural-looking curves. If you want to look good while wearing a tight dress, you can a waist trainer or body shaper.

Women have used shapewear in order to achieve an hourglass figure for centuries, but it used to be very uncomfortable to wear. These days, thanks to new designs and materials, shapewear like girdles, corsets and waist trainers are easier to wear.

If you want something that can give you that hourglass shape you are longing for, check out this review of the ShapeOn 1001 Women’s Ultra-Thin Breathable Body Shaper.

Features of the ShapeOn 1001 Women’s Ultra-Thin Breathable Body Shaper

  • Designed with Smart Knit Technology which provides 16 comfort features and support advantages
  • Support bands situated in the parts where you need them most like the hips, tummy, thighs and saddlebags
  • Can smoothen bulges and rolls
  • Compresses and improves natural shape without the discomfort
  • Made with exclusive ultra-thin and breathable fabric
  • Non-bulging and non-trundling broad elastic bottom bands
  • Made with skin- and environment-friendly Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified fabric
  • Manufactured in Italy


Body-shaping garments like this product from Shapeon have a wide range of benefits. For starters, they give the wearer an easy and carefree way to attain a slimmer look by slightly contouring the body and giving it a trimmer appearance. Shapewear can produce smaller thighs and a more flattering backside. It also helps in flattening the stomach area and contouring the upper part of the body.

Investing in shapewear can help you save money as well in the long run compared to undergoing diet programs or cosmetic surgery. If you take care of your shapewear garments sensibly, they will last you a long time.

These pieces also go under clothes effectively whether you want to wear casual or formal clothing. You can wear form-fitting pieces without any worries since the shapewear has a seamless design which allows you to move freely. The less satisfactory parts of your body are held securely in position so the garment can do its job of giving you’re a great figure.

Other than that, shapewear can also help complement a weight loss program. If you are already dieting or undertaking a fitness program, wearing a waist trainer or other item of shapewear can actually encourage you to be consistent with following your program. The garment is there to remind you that you need to eat right and follow your fitness routines all the time.

The compression and tightness that shapewear provides motivate the wearer to achieve their goals. While it can’t make very heavy people look thinner, it will indeed help them fit into smaller clothing. Keep in mind that there are physical restrictions here, but if you choose the size that is closest to your body type, you can expect to have a shape that will flatter your body and give you the slimmer and curvier shape that lots of women are after.

This body shaper from Shapeon is designed to address concerns many women have about comfort when wearing shapewear. This ultra-thin product is a type of body shaper which provides reinforced tummy control without feeling too hot or tight.

It will stay in position and will not roll out of place. It will do its job of improving the appearance of a woman’s backside as well as giving her natural-looking curves. You can wear it all day and remain dry during even the most humid of days. The material it is made out of is pretty light as well so it is not noticeable under casual and formal clothes.


One of the disadvantages of this product is a common issue among shapewear—the sizing. It is suggested that you measure the essential body parts covered by the item first before choosing a size.


The ShapeOn 1001 Women’s Ultra-Thin Breathable Body Shaper works for ladies who want an hourglass figure without discomfort and sweating. It is an excellent piece of shapewear and is great to wear under clingy clothes like tight dresses and skinny jeans. It will also provide an additional layer during the winter.

The item is lightweight and is an affordable alternative to Spanx products. It is also pretty breathable. If you want a product that will slim you down and give you a nice shapely figure temporarily, this Shapeon product will do the trick.

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