Ursexyly Sauna Top Vest Review: The Benefits of Sauna in a Vest

Ursexyly Sauna Top Vest Review: The Benefits of Sauna in a Vest

There are a lot of health benefits to spending time in a sauna to get deep sweat. In fact, sweating it out is part of traditional healing in some countries. However, sauna has still not been mainstream up to now.

It is quite a challenge to experience deep sweating in a sauna. Nevertheless, there are several sauna exercise vests and corsets available, such as Ursexyly Sauna Top Vest.

Waist cinchers, also called waist cinchers or body shapers, are known to provide deep sweating when doing exercise since they are thicker than regular corsets and are tighter than normal compression exercise shirts. These body shapers make the user sweat heavier during exercise.

Going to a sauna to get deep sweating provides the following benefits—stress relief, muscle relaxation, pain relief, detoxification, skin cleansing, improved sleep quality and quantity, better cardiovascular health, burning of calories, and improved immunity. All the stress, aches, pains, and toxins seem to be released as the body releases sweat.

The heat produced by the body during a sauna session also dilates the blood vessels, improving blood circulation. When blood is flowing well throughout the veins, nutrients are distributed more efficiently, wounds and injuries heal faster, and overall health improves.

In addition, deep sweating itself burn a lot of calories. One session in a sauna can burn 300 calories.

Below, it would be discussed why Ursexyly Sauna Top Vest is a convenient alternative to going to an actual sauna to gain the health benefits associated with it.


Ursexyly Sauna Top Vest is not simply a waist cincher. It is a waist cincher with shoulder straps, and also covers the upper back of the user. These shoulder straps ensure that the corset will stay in place even during difficult exercise routines, even when it is soaked in sweat and no matter the body shape of the user.

This waist cincher also made up of 90% Polyester and 10% Spandex. Unlike other body shapers on the market that uses Neoprene, this one minimizes negative skin reactions.

It also does not have Latex that could further irritate the skin. It can be used together with a thin shirt inside just to ensure the safety of those with sensitive skin.

The enclosure of this sauna vest is a combination of a high-quality zipper, and hooks with three levels of adjustment. The zipper can be left open when preferred, while the hooks can easily be adjusted depending on what kind of exercise the user will perform.

The embroidered shoulder straps of this sauna vest are fully adjustable to give it a more snug fit.

The spiral steel bones of the corset correct and help maintain the proper posture of the body. In addition, they enhance the compression provided by the Polyester and Spandex to further shape the waist.

They could also serve as back support, hide muffin tops, and push the bosom up to make the body look sexier.

It is available in seven different sizes—small, medium, large, extra large, double extra large, triple extra large, and quadruple extra large. They have sizes for women who need them the most.


Ursexyly Sauna Top Vest, aside from the fact that it provides the health benefits that sauna sweating can, also gives a lot of other positive effects to its users.

It helps shape the waist.

This sauna vest is made in such a way that it will tuck in all the cellulite and excess belly fat and skin, and will compress the tummy to form a sexy, hourglass shape. Wearing it consistently while doing exercise could eventually lead to molding the abdominal muscles into that sexy shape after all the extra fats have been shed.

It works for all kinds of body shapes, such as apple, pear, and banana. Since it has three levels of hook adjustment, the user can achieve a perfect and comfortable level of compression. The zipper can also be left open as the user prefers.

It provides the same health benefits as going to a sauna.

Just like when in a sauna, working out or exercising with Ursexyly Sauna Top Vest provides deep sweating. Since it covers the belly area and the back, these body parts feel warmer than the rest of the body during exercise.

For this reason, the blood circulation in these areas are improved, excess fats are burned, and toxins are expelled through sweat.

Exercising with this sauna vest also provides better stress relief, muscle relaxation, and relief from body aches as compared to doing exercise routines without it.

It helps with post-partum recovery.

One of the wonderful benefits of wearing this waist cincher is its ability to assist in putting back the body in its pre-pregnancy form. Since bearing a baby disfigures the belly, it still looks big even after giving birth. To help place the organs back to their proper positions, this corset compresses the stomach gently.

It can be worn inside regular clothes.

Ursexyly Sauna Top Vest can be worn even with tight-fitting clothes when the user wants to hide her muffin tops and love handles. It does not look bulky at all and even shapes the body for a sexier look.


Just like any other waist cincher, some people have negative comments about the sizing of this product. However, this issue can be easily resolved by replacing what was ordered with the correct size.


Ursexyly Sauna Top Vest is a waist cincher that does not only shapes the body but also provides health benefits that saunas can give. It also helps with post-partum recovery and can be worn with any kind of clothes to make the user feel more confident about her body.


As compared to other popular sauna vest brands like Lelinta, Ursexyly Sauna Top Vest is better because it can be worn with any kind of top of dress since its shoulder straps are thin and embroidered. It could definitely match any color or kind of clothing. It is not only for doing exercise, but also for everyday use.

The Verdict

Ursexyly Sauna Top Vest is the best sauna vest on the market because of its health benefits including improved blood circulation, better metabolism, and detoxification. It also helps with post-partum waist management and can be worn together with regular clothes to boost the confidence of the user. It does not only make one look good, but user definitely feels good as well.

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