Yianna – Short Torso Waist Trainer Corset Review

Yianna – Short Torso Waist Trainer Corset Review

Waist trainers or waist cinchers are all the rage these days. Corsets have been around since ages. In fact, they’ve been a defining feature of 16th century women’s fashion in Europe.

Since then corsets have been in and out of fashion over the centuries. The 20th century saw a new iteration of the corset. It was the epitome of human ingenuity and utilitarianism, the defining feature of the period.

The modern corset is more than a fashion accessory. Far from a simple way to improve our physical appearance, it brings an element of physical training into the mix. Hence, it was named waist cinchers or waist trainers.

These corsets were designed to activate the abdominal core muscles that are responsible for our posture and balance. Needless to say, it became extremely popular.

Waist trainers are back in the limelight, and it is one of the most talked about clothing/training item over social media and other platforms. So, in this article, we will take a look at a popular waist trainer corset and see if it is the brand for you.

Yianna Short Corset Waist Trainer

The corset is available in two different colors and styles. We have the option of getting the corset in black or beige in either 25 steel bones or breathable latex. The steel bones inside the corset offer firm support to the midsection.

Despite their firmness, they are quite flexible and elastic and can bend easily in order to accommodate different body types.

The front of the corset features three rows of hooks for varying degrees of abdominal compression. It is made out of a breathable latex fabric. Its inner layer is made out of cotton, which is soft and comfortable, whereas the outer layer is firm and durable, primarily made out of nylon.

The corset is designed mainly for individuals with a short torso. The company also manufactures corsets designed for individuals with a long torso.

The corset is engineered to provide a high degree of compression to the abdominal region while still offering enough comfort to be viable for daily use. If it is used properly, it can easily help individuals lose weight and reduce their waistline by over three inches.

Of course, results may vary depending on individual cases. Still,it has been proven to be an extremely effective way to burn abdominal fat and reduce weight .

The breathable latex used in the corset ensures that it can absorb sweat and allow the passage of air for some form of ventilation. If you’ve ever worn latex gloves, you would know how sweaty your hands can get with latex, which is why breathable latex is extremely important for a corset waist trainer.

Moreover, the latex fabric generates thermal energy in and around the abdominal area, which burns fat around the stomach and helps trim down our waist. Due to its unique shape, it burns fat in a way that is conducive to acquiring an hourglass figure.

Lastly, the waist cincher is designed specifically for physical activity. There are different types of waist trainers, each with its unique attributes.

For example, some corsets primarily focus on physique and physical appearance, whereas some focus on strengthening certain muscles that aid in improving posture. This particular corset is designed for physical and outdoor activities such as strength training, weight lifting, aerobics, yoga, running, cycling, etc.


  • It features a three-layered breathable latex fabric.
  • The cotton lining inside the corset absorbs all of the sweat making it a practical choice for long-duration use.
  • The spiral steel bones are highly elastic, which ensures comfortable compression on the abdominal region.
  • Ideal for all types of physical training, including sports and cardio.


  • Due to the breathable latex fabric, the corset’s fabric is not stretchable and might prove to be too uncomfortable for some people.
  • Since it is a workout waist trainer, it doesn’t have straps, which can make it difficult to wear, at least for those without experience with corsets.
  • The corset’s style can make the upper body seem a bit more pronounced, which is not exactly a downside but some people might not be receptive to it.


The waist trainer corset is designed for individuals with a short torso. It is a workout corset that will help burn fat off the waist and tone the abdominal area.

It is made out of three layers of breathable latex fiber with its inner side is lined with cotton in order to absorb moisture. Its steel spiral bones are highly elastic, which ensures a comfortable fit.

The waist cincher enhances our body’s natural thermal energy, which is then trapped inside the latex fabric.

The continuous pressure on the abdomen along with the thermal energy facilitates the burning of fat around the waist and helps carve out the desirable hourglass physique. It is an ideal choice for those trying to maximize weight-loss through cardio or strength training.

FeelinGirl Women’s Short Torso Waist Trainer


FeelinGirl’s waist trainer is another corset for individuals with a short torso. It is a predominantly cotton based latex fabric. It features four concealed steel bones for firm abdominal support. It is a workout waist trainer that can be worn during cardio or strength training.

It has three rows of hooks in the front, which offers ease-of-wear as well as adjustability of compression intensity. The corset is designed to turn all body types into the desirable and coveted hourglass physique.


Despite being quite similar, both waist trainers have profoundly different features that define them. The Yianna corset is made out of breathable latex, which can make a huge difference if you’re spending significant time in the gym. Moreover, it also has nine spiral steel bones, which is five more than FeelinGirl corset has.

The number of steel bones makes a huge difference in terms of the compression pressure that is applied to the abdominal region. If the difference between the two wasn’t as great, it could have been ignored.

Thus, if a choice between the two is to be made, there is no doubt, Yianna corset should be chosen for greater compression pressure, durability, breathable latex fabric and the greater elasticity of its steel bones.

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